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Son of Ray - Tic Toc (Official Video) Release

Barb Briggs and I met up with Rob Lagace, the heart and soul of Son of Ray, at the end of July 2018 with the intent to shoot a music video next summer. However, Rob had a problem. At of the end of August he'd be living in Ontario with his wife and newborn. The three of us decided to set a shoot date for the second track on his newest album Between Dust and a Dream at the end of August a few days before he'd leave.

Two weeks of frantic development and pre-production later we set up in the Slaughterhouse Studios in Calgary with costumes, lights, decapitated dolls, eighteen extras, five dancers, six band members, and two actors to shoot Tic Toc. It was a lot on a little budget but we couldn't have found a better cast and crew.

Our three Make-up artists and sole hairstylist had to get through everyone who appeared on camera, which was a challenge given our goal of having everyone adopt a German expressionist, dark circus type style. By some miracle of scheduling and talent they created a cast of macabre characters fit for a Tim Burton film.

Because of the hard work of our crew, led by Cinematographer Chase Gardiner, we shot the whole project in one amazing day and never sacrificed quality for time.

The video was an Asvoria Media production and was released on Oct. 30th, 2018 just in time for Halloween. Check it out below!


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